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Planetree Gate

     Designed by Jean Marie Randolph and Joyce Klingensmith. The Sycamore tree, known as "Planetree", in the arch was drawn by Jean Marie Randolph. The Planetree symbolizes holistic healing, aiming to inspire wellness through not only the body but also the mind and soul.


     The marble columns in the fountain sculpture were salvaged from the Federal Building in Norfolk. The glass originally filling the center of the fountain was original Murano glass from Italy. The glass has now been replaced with smooth black river rock. The fountain was designed by Matthew Fine.


     The furniture is teak except for the four 6 foot benches. They were handmade by Jeff Lawson. The Angelique he used is wood leftover from the building of the Schooner Virginia.

A Pair of Bandits

     The bronze raccoon sculpture was made by William H. Turner from the Eastern Shore of Virginia. The name of the sculpture is "A Pair of Bandits," in honor of Sandy Deacon Whitcomb.

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